CXT Software X Dispatch

When you are picking up specimens and delivering them to a lab, speed and accuracy are a must. With CXT Software’s X Dispatch, X Route and Nextstop Mobile you can provide electronic chain of custody workflows and reports to ensure quality deliveries and maintain audit validity.

With Nextstop Mobile you can provide proof of delivery, capture signatures, photo-document any damages or exceptions, and provide timestamping and geocoding for real-time tracking. And, with support for barcode scanning and tote management, your reporting becomes more accurate.

NEW!!  Route Optimization is Here!  CXT Software is very excited to announce the rollout of our first version of Route Optimization.  Using a robust underlying RO engine, we have built a solution to optimize delivery stops, maximizing the efficiency of your drivers and dispatchers.

Some of the key features you can realize when using software solutions from CXT:

  • Stat Deliveries, Routes and Distribution
  • Nextstop Mobile Application for your drivers with scanning, POD, photos, driving directions, optimized stops, and more
  • Route Planning inside X Route with easy to use Drag and Drop stops onto routes
  • Monitor Drivers, Stops and ETAs in real time and on a map
  • Data Integrations with 3rd Party systems for order injection, operational reporting and billing

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